1550nm External Modulation Optical Transmitter

COL-ET7002A, an economical 1550nm Externally Modulated Optical Transmitter, is produced specially for middle and small CATV station. It adopts narrow bandwidth (Typ.=1MHz), low noise and continuous wave DFB laser as the light source, adopts CATV special LiNbO3 external modulator to modulate signal, and adopts a series of unique innovation technique to reach the excellent system control. With 47~862MHz bandwidth, CNR ≥ 53dB, CTB ≤ -65dB, CSO ≤ -65dB, SBS: 13, 16, 18adjustable, COL-ET7002A can make CATV network transmit video, audio and data with high performance. The machine is equipped with perfect RS232 communication interface, SNMP network management and 1+1 backup power supply.

Products Details

Key Features

✔ High performance: Externally modulated technology, no laser chirp, low dispersion distortion, high extinction ratio, with excellent characteristic within 40~862MHz in-band. ✔ Narrow bandwidth (Typ.=1MHz), lower noise, DFB continuous wave laser. ✔ The operating bandwidth is up to 47~1080MHz. ✔ Perfect index: Unique innovation technology, provide excellent CNR, CTB, CSO & SBS. ✔ ITU standard wavelength adjustable, the user can adjust and set the laser wavelength on the front-panel with ±0.05nm stepping in the range of ±200GHz (±1.6nm), used in the network upgrading and expansion of WDM system. ✔ AGC/MGC mode is optional at spot. OMI can be optimized at spot. ✔ Perfect RS232 communication interface. ✔ SNMP network management function optional. ✔ 1+1 backup power supply optional. ✔ Casing temperature auto-control. ✔ Excellent P/P rat

Technical specification




Optic feature Operating wavelength (nm) 1540~1563 WT8500AC
      ITU-TG.692 WT8500AU
  Wavelength ADJ. range (nm) ±1.6 (±200GHz) WT8500AU
  Wavelength ADJ. mode   ±0.05nm stepping WT8500AU
  Line width (MHz) 1.0 FWHM(Δλ)
  Side mode suppression ratio (dB) 45 SMSR
  Equivalent noise intensity (dB/Hz) -160 RIN (20~1000MHz)
  Output power (dBm) 2×5 Optional 2×3, 2×6, 2×7, 2×9
  Return loss (dB) 60  
  optical fiber connector   SC/APC Optional LC/APC,FC/APC
RF feature Work bandwidth (MHz) 47-862  47~1000,47~1080 optional
  Input level (dBmV) 18~28 AGC
  Flatness (dB) ≤±0.75 47~862MHz
      ≤±1.5 862~1000MHz (Optional)
  Return loss (dB) >16  
  Input impedance (Ω) 75  
  RF port   F-Female  
Link feature Transmit channel   PAL-D/60CH PAL-D/99CH  
  CNR1 (dB) 53.0 51.5 Back to back
  CNR2 (dB) 51.5 50.0 65Km optical fiber, 0dBm receive
  CTB (dB) -65 -65  
  CSO (dB) -65 -65  
  SBS restrain (dBm) 13, 16, 181 Adjustable
General feature SNMP network management interface   RJ45  
  Communication interface   RS232  
  Power supply (VAC) 90~265VAC 50/60Hz
  (VDC) -48 30~72
  Power Consume (W) 50 Single power works
  Work temp. (°C) 0~50 Machine temp. control automatically
  Storage temp. (°C) -40~85  
  Operating relative humidity (%) 5~95  
  Size (") 19×14.5×1.75 (W)x(D)x(H)


A.Used in middle and small CATV center head end, solve the transmission of trunk and distributive network with high quality and low cost. B.Used in second-grade service area of sub-station. With excellent P/P ratio, provide second-grade users with high quality and high reliability value added service such as RFTV, IPTV, VOD and so on. It can avoid the limitation on transmission bandwidth and distance as well as system CSO deterioration caused by laser chirp for adopting 1550nm direction modulated optical transmitter

Product series

Model Output Power(dBm) Operating wavelength (nm) SBS Restrain(dBm) System index(59 routes PAL-D)





1550-2*3 Dual fiber 2×3 1540~1563 13, 16, 18 Adjustable 53 50.5 -65 -65
1550-2*5 Dual fiber 2×5     53 51 -65 -65
1550-2*6 Dual fiber 2×6     53 51.5 -65 -65
1550-2*7 Dual fiber 2×7     53 51.5 -65 -65
1550-2*8.5 Dual fiber 2×8.5     53 51.5 -65 -65
1550-2*3 Dual fiber 2×3 1528~1563nm ITU wavelength ADJ.   53 50.5 -65 -65
1550-2*5 Dual fiber 2×5     53 51 -65 -65
1550-2*6 Dual fiber 2×6     53 51.5 -65 -65
1550-2*7 Dual fiber 2×7     53 51.5 -65 -65
1550-2*8.5 Dual fiber 2×8.5     53 51.5 -65 -65

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